Songs By Design offers a bespoke song-writing service, specialising in Weddings and Corporate Events. Our professional music-industry songwriters create original music to your specifications, for your event.



You will meet with one of our professional songwriters for a FREE consultation. If you’re happy to proceed, you can then pay your deposit to get the ball rolling.


After approximately four weeks, you’ll meet your songwriter for a second time who will present you with the first draft of your original song. At this stage you have the chance to feedback, make suggestions and request any changes to lyrical content.

When you’re happy to proceed, you pay the remaining balance and the songwriter goes into the recording studio to professionally record your original song.


After a maximum of 12-weeks from paying your deposit, you’ll be in possession of the most beautiful, unique and thoughtful gift you could ever give to someone.





    I feel extremely lucky and honoured to have had a song written by Andy from Songs By Design.


    I saw a Facebook post from Songs By Design after they had written a song for someones wedding ceremony. I thought that it was a totally unique idea and would make our wedding extraordinary. We were a little dubious at first as we’re not ones for big public gestures and we didn't want anything 'cheesy'. But, we did our research, read the reviews and thought ‘why not give it a go’.


    We arranged a time to speak on the phone. My fiancé wasn't available at the time so, Andy asked me questions about how I felt about him, how we met, our first few dates, things we've done together over the years and what I would like the essence of the song to say. We also discussed what music we both liked so that Andy could come up with a style that would suit us. Andy really put me at ease during the conversation and helped steer it in the right direction, to get the information he felt he needed.


    A few weeks later, Andy told me our song was ready and sent me over a link to hear it. I sat down with my fiancé so that we could listen to it together. It was amazing! The tune was really sweet and up-beat - exactly what we like - the words were an overview of our relationship with funny memories as well as romantic and beautiful words about how I felt. It felt like 'us' in a song and it was just perfect. I must have listened to it about 20 times within 2 days! I couldn't believe how good it was.


    We were so pleased with it, we decided to use the song in our ceremony. It said so perfectly, what I wanted to say to my partner - more than any poem or reading I could find - that the ceremony seemed the ideal moment to play it. I am so pleased that we did. Our guests loved it. They laughed at the funny bits, got emotional at the romantic bits and the tune set the tone of our ceremony perfectly. Having Andy play it for us live on the day was also so special, it was one of the highlights of our whole day.


    Not only did he write us a wonderful song - our own song! - and perform it live too, we also found a bound copy of the song (the music and the words) in our card box the next day. This was such a lovely surprise and memento we can frame and put up at home. It also means any of our muso friends now have the music to be able to play it for us as well.


    I can't thank Andy enough. He is such a talented musician/singer and a wonderful person who knows exactly how to sum you up in a song. If anyone is looking for a way to add a special touch to a special day or, a wonderful gift for a loved one or friend then I can highly recommend Andy writing you a song. You’re a star Andy!


    Gemma Jane


    Where do I even start with trying to put into words how amazing our song is.


    When we were planning our wedding, I decided I wanted to give Charlotte, my Fiancé, something unique and special as a wedding gift. After doing research online, I came across the Songs By Design website and from the moment I read through it all, I knew this is what I wanted to do for her. I thought "how many people can say that they’ve had a song written for them”. So I decided to make some enquires about having our first dance written exclusively for us.


    I emailed Songs By Design for some information and they were very punctual in getting back to me to arrange a time for us to meet. Andy, the songwriter, came to my house to meet me and go through everything. It was very professional and I felt as if I had instantly made the best choice possible as a gift for Charlotte. Andy asked me loads of different questions regarding me and Charlotte, where we met? how does she make me feel? Any funny stories? Things she loves the most etc.


    Andy and I spoke for an hour about everything. He has a great way of making you feel very comfortable around him and I did not hesitate to tell him everything I felt for Charlotte. Everything that we discussed was documented and sent to me so I had a copy of it too. I left it in the hands of Andy. He went away and composed a song based on all the information that I had given him.


    When I heard the song for first time, I could only describe the moment as one of the most emotional experiences I've ever had. I was quite nervous as I wanted it to be perfect for Charlotte. As Andy was performing the song to me, I was experiencing so many different emotions. I just felt so overwhelmed with the song and how good it was. Andy had captured everything I had ever hoped for. They now have it available to listen to on the Songs By Design website. It’s called ‘Makes My Day’ and you MUST listen to it. It’s AMAZING.


    He took all of the information I had given him and put it into the most beautiful song I have ever heard, and I knew Charlotte would love it too. After I heard the track and was happy with everything, it was professionally recorded for us. It sounded incredible! I was finally able to show Charlotte. I filmed her reaction as I wanted Andy to see what he had done for us both. She was so surprised and amazed. I will NEVER forget how happy this made her, it literally is the best feeling for me to see her so happy.


    On the wedding night when the song was being played as our first dance, our friends and family absolutely loved it. There was so many people crying at how beautiful it was. I have only had amazing feedback from our friends and family telling us how perfect the song was for both me and Charlotte. Just writing this now brings back all those amazing memories that we will never ever forget and I cannot thank Andy enough for being such a big part of our wedding day. He is truly amazing at what he does and I would recommend this guy to anyone that is looking to give their partner a very special gift on their wedding day. It really is a gift that will last a lifetime.


    Wesley Chimmunchlam


    Both myself and my new wife were very hands on in planning our wedding. Therefore we both knew every detail about the big day.

    I have always been one to surprise her so thought a song would be the best way. We met after a work event and continued onto Karaoke the rest of it has resulted in the wedding.


    I got in touch with Songs By Design for some help in writing a song for me to sing to Cheryl (my new wife) on our wedding day. We met and from the start it was great, he was super excited and super keen to work on the project.

    We sat down and went through mine and Cheryl's story, how we met, how our relationship grew, and how I proposed. Andy said that it would be a couple of weeks before I would hear from him again. It was just that, he sent me through a Soundcloud link with a recording of the song. He had taken all the information about mine and Cheryl story and turned it into a 2-part song. The first part being very upbeat with the second part being slower so a lot more loving. Exactly what I wanted!

    Andy, our songwriter, stuck to his word. He was fast, professional and on time. Values that in today's world seem to be very hard to find in a person.


    After hearing the inital song it was great but maybe a bit too long for me to sing, so we cut out a few bits and Andy was more than happy to accommodate. He spent more time recording the song again till it was just right.

    Once again Andy thanks for all your help. If you want something a little different for your wedding, something to bring a shock to the brides face then this could be what you are looking for. Don't pass up on Andy, a true professional!


    Thanks again


    Tom Cornett

Songs By Design offer a variety of affordable packages to make your wedding/event truly unique.


Our professional songwriters will re-write lyrics to an existing song, customising them to your specifications. Perfect for a wedding speech or a first dance.


Our professional songwriters will write original music and lyrics to your specifications. The ultimate un-beatable gift.


Not only will our professional songwriters create original music and lyrics for you, they will also transcribe it beautifully onto sheet music AND perform it for you at your wedding/event.


Our team of professional songwriters and facilitators will come to your event and work closely with your colleagues in an upbeat and action-packed session, to create original music or lyrics based on your company ethos. We will then work on performing it together, bonding and revitalising your entire team with a fun, energetic and memorable experience.




“…take my name, now we’re the same. I’ll give you everything you need from me…”


This track was written for one of our Platinum Package customers. They couldn’t find the perfect song for their first dance, so we wrote them the perfect song. They wanted to it to capture how they feel for each other and how they can’t wait to grow old together.


“…Your face was the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes for the first time…”


This song was written for one of our Premium Package customers. It was the perfect gift for a Mothers Day celebration. We performed the song at the event and presented the lucky Mum with the beautifully transcribed sheet music. We even managed to persuade the local radio station to broadcast it on Mothers Day (because we like to go the extra mile).


“…You and me, a family, that’s all I need…”


This was a surprise gift for the bride, from the groom (a Premium Package customer), and the song was performed to her for the first time at their wedding. He wanted the song to say how much he loves her and how grateful he is to have found her. However, he also wanted to include an embarrassing memory when they were on holiday and she got stung by a jellyfish! You can watch his reaction to the song we wrote for him HERE.


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